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Valais style fondue Food and Wine World easy, eggs & dairy
Valentine pancakes Maria breakfast, dessert, holiday, moderate, treats
Valentine sugar cookies Greenerview baking, dessert, easy, gourmet gift, holiday, snack, sweet, treats
Vanilla ice cream Greenerview dessert, eggs & dairy, freezing, sweet, treats, very easy
Veal cutlets with spinach Phelan main course, main meal, meat, moderate
Vegan dark chocolate mousse Greenerview dairy free, dessert, easy, gluten free, sweet, treats, vegetarian
Vegan mayonnaise Greenerview blending, condiments, dairy free, gluten free, sauces, vegetarian, very easy
Vegan sweet potato biscuits Phelan
Vegan sweet potato casserole Phelan autumn, dairy free, egg free, moderate, side dish, vegetables, vegetarian
Vegetable chow mein Wanderer appetizer, easy, frying, meatless, pasta & rice, side dish, vegetables
Vegetable curry Wanderer easy, eggs & dairy, vegetables
Vegetable hot pot Maria autumn, challenging, main meal, simmering, vegetables, vegetarian, winter
Vegetable misozuke Greenerview marinating, pickling
Vegetable soup for a crowd Karen Fox bulk, easy, eggs & dairy, vegetables, vegetarian
Vegetable tagine with chickpeas Maria beans & pulses, main course, moderate, side dish, simmering, vegetables, vegetarian
Vegetarian fish sauce Wanderer
Vegetarian lasagna Food and Wine World appetizer, eggs & dairy, main course, moderate, pasta & rice, vegetables, vegetarian
Veggie chili Karen Fox beans & pulses, easy, main course, slow cooker, vegetables, vegetarian
Venison cottage pie Phelan baking, game meat, main course, main meal, moderate, vegetables
Venison hot pot Maria baking, challenging, game meat, main course, stewing, Western cuisine, winter
Venison sausage Phelan breakfast, game meat, light meal, main meal, moderate
Venison steaks with blueberry sauce Phelan easy, frying, game meat, main course, main meal
Vichyssoise Greenerview
Vietnamese salad rolls Wanderer appetizer, moderate, vegetables, vegetarian
Vinaigrette Greenerview condiments, mixing, sauces, very easy
Vindaloo paste Wanderer
Vinegared rice Food and Wine World appetizer, easy, fish & seafood, light meal, pasta & rice