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Your food & wine

See what the world has to offer and tell about your favorite food and wine.

There are places within World Food and Wine for those whoul would like to share.

Your World Food and Wine

Please, participate in our table talk or, if shy, tell us about your favorite world food recipes or tasting notes about your favorite wines. You can also suggest a restaurant, or just let us know about food in your country.

Tasting wine in a methodical way will ensure you appreciate and find pleasure from the enormous variety of wine styles and flavors. When it comes to describing wine, wine tasters borrow words from all areas.

Food lovers also make use from a vocabulary on loan when describing food. Familiarity with all those words to describe food will come handy to describe your restaurant experience, together with your appreciation of the service, decoration, and general ambiance. The culinary canvass also has examples of food descriptions.

Eating, drinking, cooking or storing food, it is best if you know where you do it, know all sort of food places to be able to describe them accurately.

Help to build a better World Food and Wine

There are many ways you can contribute to build a better World Food and Wine.

  • Send recipes, comments and tasting notes via email or contact form.
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  • If you are interested but don't have the time, please, donate. Your contributions will help to pay for all services that keep World Food and Wine up and running and make it a reliable source of information.