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Share your recipes with the World

Have a flavorful recipe to share with the world? Do you have a great recipe? Maybe we have not visited your country yet, or you were touring and fell in love with a particular dish, or you know of a food treasure we missed. You know something special. Share it!

Use our online contact form to send your recipes.

Write "Recipe: Title of your recipe" as the subject. Enter a nice name for your recipe (i.e. Boston baked beans)

Then enter your recipe in the body: a short description, ingredients and cooking instructions.

Please, be descriptive (i.e. 1 cup finely diced onion) and don't forget to tell where it comes from.

Some recipes we have received

Ho t'ao chi ting - Can you guess where this one comes from?

Green Man salad (Irish) - The Green Man is also known as the Leaf Man or Jack the Green. He is the ancient image of the Goddesses' consort.

Texas sheet cake

Brotchan foltchep (Irish) - Leek and oatmeal soup. Oatmeal is a great thicken, preferred over flour or puréed veggies.

Mussel and onion stew (Scottish)  - This is a great meal in the Fall.