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Great and original foods, wholesome, healthy, flavorful food and innovative recipes. There is a world of appetizing new dishes to discover.

Food from all over the world

Trying food that is different that what you eat home is one of the highlights of any trip, especially abroad. Travel without leaving home in the certainty you can enjoy something new every day.

Food in Europe

Food in Europe is always an important matter, and gastronomy taken seriously. Let’s sniff around, from borscht to colcannon, with gravadlax and spanakopita on the side, before give into the one pastime that Europeans hold so dear: eating.

While cooking is an art and food has always been more than food in France, within Europe, food in Spain is a quick glance to Spain, the new food wonderland, and what is behind the feast of color and taste food has become in the Spanish table. Foods in Italy looks at populars food there and some Italian recipes; just to know what to expect if you travel there or to be able to plan your own Italian meal. Find the best of British food and learn about their traditions.

Food in America

Food in America is is a mouthwatering journey across North, Central, and South America where you will discover, and find out how to prepare, fabulous foods from every region. The trip begins with food in Mexico and food in USA, including their wonderful food traditions.

Food in Africa

Start with food in Africa, a quick glance to African cuisine and cooking techniques, before looking into particular African recipes starting with food in Ethiopia.

Food in Asia

There is an interest about food in Asia and many recipes from the Middle East and oriental cooking are becoming part of every home cook repertoire. From Eastern Asia, Chinese cuisine is probably the best known in Western world, but there is a thing or two to discover about it.

Oceania and Food

Oceania and food visits the traditions and taste of that continent. Australia and New Zealand have incorporated their local ingredients to world food.

We all need food on a daily basis, so why not give a little variety with international recipes and cooking methods. Get different dishes out of the same food. To do that, we have a guide to all foods natural and also those foods not so natural that we all have in the pantry.

Food pantry

We are filling our food pantry with articles about world food, international cuisine, and also food and cooking tips. Starting with the basic international pantry, a selection of the basic pantry items millions of home cooks all over the world store; the ones they use every day to prepare simple, straightforward dishes, very easy to replicate at home. We have started to add a few staples, like cheese or pasta.

Describing food

What you want to know about food around the world.