Food in the United States of America

American cuisine is a blend of world cuisines.

From the first state to the last of the States, we plan to visit all and explore their cultural diversity in food.

Celebrating food in USA

Halloween is one of the most characteristic American celebrations, a favorite holyday for many. Children enjoy celebrating Halloween more than anyone because they can stuff their face with spook-tacular food, candy and all sort of treats.

Speaking of celebrations, learn about the most celebrated holiday in USA life: Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving dinner is always an important affair. See what it is a typical Thanksgiving celebration and how food is at the center or the family reunion.

Although in public one has to name it "winter break" and just deliver "season's greetings" to be politically correct, Christmas is celebrated in innumerable households. Time for exchanging presents and, of course, kids enjoy it enormously. Let them participate in the Christmas baking with these kids Christmas cookies. Other Holidays also have a place in the United States winter season. There is Hanukkah and African Americans celebrate Kwanzaa. There are many New Year's Eve parties, but First Night celebrations are a little bit different.

Valentine Day is about love, not only romantic love, but friendship and brotherly love also. Throw a Valentine party full of fun food, magic food charmed to bring friends together, and serve sweet love potions to drink.

With so many immigrants of Irish ascent, Saint Patrick's Day is the occasion of much merriment and celebration in the United States. You will see shamrocks and other Irish motives everywhere and Irish menus in restaurants and pubs. Get some Irish recipes and celebrate your particular Saint Patrick's Day.

Memorial Day weekend and Labour Day weekend are the the biggest camping weekends in the summer, so we are going to celebrate in camping style becoming campfire chefs.

Grumblegrumble. Treats in store for dad on Father's Day. Every family creates its own food traditions and festive memories. Erin M. Phelan advises to teach your children how to cook if you want to survive your first Father's Day and have many worth remembering.

Columbus Day is an annual holiday celebrated on the second Monday in October. The holiday is celebrated with feasts, parades and other activities as most people are off from work and school. In many states, Columbus Day means the last barbecue of the year.