Bergen County Restaurant Hit List

We were looking at food, service, price, ambiance, facilities, and who else was eating there to come up with a list of favorite restaurants and it was difficult to choose between the many places available.

We decided to ask Kiwi Bentley, our New Jersey insider, as she is always out and about and never fails to know the latest news about restaurants, chefs, food, wine, food events, and wine tastings.

Let Kiwi guide you through the restaurants of Bergen County to arrive at that perfect site for a business lunch, a quick snack while shopping, hang around with the crowd, or have dinner with friends. Her restaurants hit list is one-of-a-kind reference for finding the perfect eating spot at Bergen County.

Bergen County restaurant hit list

Trying to find out which restaurants are charming, which ones are friendly, which ones have a long waiting lis, and which ones serve the best food?

Why guess? When you have my current HIT LIST for anyone wishing to find the perfect spot in the plethora of Bergen County, New Jersey, restaurants… 

Great places to eat at Bergen County, NJ

  • Dinallo’s in River Edge, NJ - Try it for a business lunch and say “Hello” to Ginger in this "Handshake will seal the deal" authentic Italian locale.

  • Napa Valley Grille in Paramus, NJ – Look for the special wine pairing meals or take a break after errands in the Garden State Plaza.

  • Sanzari's New Bridge Inn Restaurant in New Milford, NJ – An excellent spot for the business lunch – and a gem to look for.
  • Cenzino Restaurant in Oakland, NJ – Where else will a meal make you feel so warm? Or go to have a chat and a plate at the bar.
  • Ruga Restaurant in Oakland, NJ – It is elegant at the bar and perfect for a special occasion meal.
  • The Chef’s Table in Franklin Lakes, NJ – You need to reserve even for a lunch, need I say more about this fine French spot? - BYOB.
  • Aldo’s Italian Restaurant in Wyckoff, NJ – I would go just for the complimentary toasted breads, but I really go because it is THERE - if you don't know, you need to go - BYOB.
  • Delpino Restaurant in Franklin Lakes, NJ– You will see groups reading the lengthy chalkboard specials when they finally look up from their conversations – but you can also have a meal with one person just to “catch up” – groups reserve - BYOB.
  • Village Grill in Waldwick, NJ– It feels like HOME to all, and there is a great Friday night ambience.
  • Arturo’s Restaurant in Midland Park – You will see friends, no doubt – or become one.
  • The River Palm Terrace Restaurant in Fair Lawn, NJ – Hooked after the first seafood appetizer or for the upscale business lunch or a late night lobster with a fine wine.
  • Savini Restaurant in Allendale, NJ – You may want to try it for the Thursday night crowd at the bar.
  • Flirt Sushi Restaurant in Allendale, NJ – If you like eating mouthwatering sushi with a group, it is too much fun here - BYOB.

All reputations are deserved.  It is all about the service, and the way a customer, while there, is a part of the ambience.

No particular order. 


BYOB - bring your own bottle -of wine, that is.

This list was good in 2005. Things change so check other sources as well before choosing a restaurant.

Kiwi Bentley Kiwi Bentley has been out and about Bergen County for more than ten years, which makes her an ideal advisor about where to go in the area. Trust her advice, she will take you to the best locations.