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You’ll have no problem finding Christmas ornaments and decorations for your home and you will make Christmas sweeter with edible gifts.
Two gift jars with chocolate chip cookie mix on a Christmas setting.
Air fryers are a countertop convection oven. They heat very quickly and circulate hot air, which means you can simulate deep-frying using a fraction of the fat.

These appliances use high frequency electronic waves, similar to radio waves. The waves penetrate the food, causing the molecules to vibrate; the vibration generates heat, up to a depth of 1 1/2 inches, all round. Some models have a sensor to detect when the food is cooked.

Food in Minnesota is often a hot dish or lake fish.
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Where there are edible vegetables, there are pests. As tiny as insects or mice, as large as deer, when they are around, rabbits and other rodents like to eat what you grow, often destroying your vegetable garden.
How many times did your mother tell you had to eat your carrots to see in the dark? She was telling the truth.
Carrots for juicing.
Vegetable gardening has all kinds of positives. It's fun, it's good exercise in fresh air, and it provides a tasty and healthy food. But nothing comes free. It does require effort.