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Embark on a culinary journey through West Africa as we explore distinctive local dishes that are as diverse as the region’s cultures. Discover what makes a West African dish stand out, from the staple grains and legumes to the fresh coastal seafood, all infused with an abundance of spices.

East African cuisine is diverse, with each country offering unique dishes influenced by local ethnic groups, history, geography, and culture.
The African continent is home to people form hundreds of different tribes, ethnic and social groups. No wonder all this variety shows in African cuisine all the way through the ingredient used to the preparation and cooking techniques.
A wine cellar can be as small as a kitchen cabinet or as big as the maze of secret passages underground a castle. It does not matter as long as conditions are right for storage and maturation of wine.
An introduction to the world of professional wine tasting.
Skill in the art of winetasting doesn't require an advanced degree in oenology (the science of winemaking). But listening to professional winetasters, it's easy to get that impression.
A long trek into the diet in the Peruvian Amazon, the Colombian jungle and Brazilian rainforest following the course of the river.
Potatoes were introduced by the Mayan civilization about 3000 years ago. They were grown for food among other uses. Potatoes are full of starch and carbohydrates to fuel a hard day in the field as it was with the early days of this country.
Discover the crucial changes taking place and why they matter in the pursuit of a greener future.