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There are so many different possible pasta recipes it might seem impossible to provide general guidelines. But all good pasta recipes have a few things in common.
Where you place the origins of pasta depends a great deal on how you define it. There is evidence that the ancient Etruscans prepared a wheat and egg paste, but it was baked not boiled.

Food is usually a key part for a celebration in nearly any culture, and the Chinese Lunar New Year is not an exception to this norm, and there are many opportunities for special meals and treats.

Food in the Emirates has evolved from dates, salted fish and camel milk with some rice to a much more sophisticated cuisine adopting typical Middle East dishes and incorporating international cuisine.
Food in North Carolina is barbecued pork more than anything else, the meat is always served with a sauce, but there is a difference between east and west in BBQ sauce and barbecuing styles.
Do you remember your first finger food? I bet it had low fat or no artificial colors, only 1 gram of sugar, and had 20% of your daily needs. Not to mentioned it was in a bright yellow box.
There is a good reason pasta is high on nearly everyone's list of favorites. Pasta is versatile, healthy, tasty and easy to work with. It provides the base for hundreds of delicious recipes, whether drowned in sauce or chopped up plain in a salad, or even as an ingredient in a stir-fry.
Staples, such as dried fruit, pasta and canned tomatoes are essential to every pantry. Without these base foods, we, as cooks, are at a loss when it comes time for dinner.
Warm drinks for chilly days.