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You can notice the strong influence of Mexican cuisine.

Poultry, beef cattle, dairy products, soybeans and hogs are the main food industries in South Carolina.

Peaches, corn and other fruits are also grown in the fertile farmland. South Carolina is one of the main producers of peaches in the United States.

Food in North Carolina is barbecued pork more than anything else, the meat is always served with a sauce, but there is a difference between east and west in BBQ sauce and barbecuing styles.
Georgia is well known as the place where Coca-Cola was invented, and for its fair production of peanuts, pecans, and peaches.
Asian cuisine holds a special fascination for the Western visitors. Food in Asia is a true festival of scents and flavors. After all, most spices originated somewhere there.
Mississippi food is typical Southerner food.
When Cecil Calvert, Lord Baltimore, received the grant for the land along the Chesapeake Bay and north of the Potomac River from King Charles I In 1632, he also received a request to name the colony after the Queen, Henrietta Maria. So Maryland came to be.