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I am a West Virginia transplant. When moving here I truly did not expect there to be a large cultural difference.
Traditional Southern fare is very popular in this "meat and potatoes" state, almost as popular as its slaw hot dogs.
Rhode Island is the smallest of the United States, although it can boast of having the biggest official name. Rhode Island is known as The Ocean State because it has a large coastline and the sea features largely in its economy and daily life.
Temperature and humidity are two of the most overlooked aspects of wine tasting. When wine is not kept within the best temperature and humidity ranges, wine may age prematurely or lose aromas which can damage the wine.

Everybody loves chocolate chip cookies and warm pineapple upside down cake. Could be you're a main course lover? Oh those juicy roasts or that green bean casserole. No matter what the case everyone is in luck because baking works for all of us.

A few chosen tips to help you bake better and faster than you thought possible.
Baking tools are designed for baking enthusiasts to achieve better results with less effort.
The current wave of excitement in the Go Green movement is to eat local. This movement advocates eating food grown locally to help support farmers in a farm-to-table cuisine.
Beat the winter blahs with a tropical party, and here are food ideas and great recipes for a Hawaiian party.