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Food in North Dakota is meat, potatoes and milk to drink.
Lutefisk served with pea pure, potatoes and bacon.
Japanese food and cooking evolved influenced mostly by the particular geography the country has. Meat does not make a large contribution to the culinary history; fish, seaweed, rice, and soy do.
Nebraska is home to a thriving beer, wine, and spirits industry.
Nebraska's cuisine is made up of a diverse range of dishes, each with its unique flavor and history.
Nebraska corn field ready for harvest. Photo taken by a drone.
When people settled in the new North American territories, they took with them everything familiar. Those coming from the wine region in Europe, carried grape vines with them, these vines took hols and so the story of wine in U.S.A. began.
U.S.A. wine map.
With many interesting ingredients and the best of Old World cuisine incorporated to the local ways, no wonder food in America is mouthwatering. Have you discovered tacos, soul food or Alaskan salmon? Be adventurous and try.
A dinner of salmon with seeded mustard and vegetables on a plate.
A whole new world and many new wines based in the traditions of Old World wine.
A bottle anda glass of red wine with grapes, cheese and bread.
Discover the flavors of Algerian cuisine with this overview of traditional dishes like couscous and tagines.
The African continent is home to people form hundreds of different tribes, ethnic and social groups. No wonder all this variety shows in African cuisine all the way through the ingredient used to the preparation and cooking techniques.
Find your destination food in Africa.