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Food in New York

Food in New York is typical American fare with the addition of many ethnic restaurants in large cities.

Food in New York is typical American fare, including barbecues which are big here. Small towns have family restaurants, steak houses, Italian and Chinese restaurant - in large towns and cities, the Chinese restaurants may offer an all day buffet. South the state, there are more diners and the larger cities usually have a varied offer of ethnic restaurants where one can find all sorts of food. There are still places in New York where large sandwiches are known as "hoagies" and they are often filled with pastrami, although subs are on the increase. If you hear people asking for pop, you are probably in western New York, and what they want is soda.

Shredded wheat cereal, one of the most popular cereals ever, was first made in 1892 by Henry Perky in Watertown. He built a machine that could press wheat into shredded strips. When baked, the strips became quite tasty. He created the Shredded Wheat Company that was later moved, to Niagara Falls and in 1918 it was acquired by Nabisco.

When people say "the city," they are talking about New York City. A touring jazz group in the 1930s were the first to refer to New York City as the Big Apple. For them, the word apple meant any town or city. Performing in New York City was playing in the big apple.

Lindy's restaurant, in the 1930s, made popular the New York cheesecake, which is distinguished by a smooth cream cheese filling baked in a Graham cracker crust. Today, cheesecake can be found on restaurant menus throughout the country, and throughout the world.

New York foods

Dairy products, including milk and cheese, are one of the major industries, bringing the most money for farmers. Other farm products include cattle, other livestock, and crops such as vegetables, grapes, and, especially, apples. New York can thank European settlers for their apple crops as they were the ones who brought apples to New York during the 1600s.

…and food events

Oyster Festival, Oyster Bay, October

Recipes from New York

Bagels - Chocolate espresso cheesecake - Creamy pumpkin spice cheesecake - Waldorf salad

New York

The Empire State

New York

Capital: Albany

State animal: Beaver

State bird: Eastern bluebird

State insect: Ladybug

State tree: Sugar maple

State Flower: Roses


New York city is the biggest city in the state and one of the most populated in the world. Not a place to be missed.

See about eating in New York city and accompany the food with wine in New York.

New York recipes

The Dutch founded the colony, which was originally called New Netherlands. The name was changed to New York by the British, when they captured it in 1664, in honor of James, the Duke of York.

During a tour of New York, in 1784, George Washington, the first president of the United States, referred to the state as the "Seat of Empire," so its nickname became the Empire State.

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