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Food in New Jersey

New Jersey earned its nickname, the Garden State, because there are a large number of vegetable farms and fruit orchards. New Jersey tomatoes make their appearance during the summer are eagerly awaited.

Apart from being a topmost state for tomato production, New Jersey's rich soil, especially in central and southern areas, is known for growing quality vegetables and fruits, such as blueberries, cranberries, peaches, apples, spinach, asparagus, and squash.

It is as good that new Jersey has more diners than any other state. Life in New Jersey is truly fast paced, especially for those heading into the city -New York- usually facing long commutes. The long working hours leave barely time to eat, yet to cook.

New Jersey Foods

There is a huge mix of Italian cooking and Irish fare, and, yes, most people eat out or have food to go, at least during the week. People do cook, and very well, just not on a daily basis; there is no time. New Jersey folks cook when the mood strikes, on weekends, or for family celebrations.

Lunch would be ordered at the local deli, to eat there or to take away. There is plenty of choice from huge Italian subs, thin crust pizza, sausages and peppers, turkey or pork rolls, egg and cheese sandwiches. Soup, pasta or salads are also in the lunch menu. The food is likely to go down accompanied of fruit juice, flavored water, iced tea, root beer or soda.

New jersey would buy something for dinner while at the deli, when they are not going out that evening, that is. Other option is to phone one of their favorite restaurants and order, just letting them know what time is pick up. The food will be ready and packed in thermal containers at the appointed time.

From the first hundred invitations I received on arriving to New Jersey, only three involved home cooked meals; halve the ratio after that.

On those terms, it is far easier to meet your New Jersey friends at one of the many restaurants -any time of the day- that having them for dinner at home. Consider it a privilege if you receive such an invitation from very private and busy New Jersey residents, though many times it will be an immaculately catered social event.

Of course, you can always go to the diner. Diners open very long hours, if not twenty four hours a day, and the serve meals regardless of the time. You can have breakfast at seven in the evening, dinner at midnight, and lunch at 6 AM. Ask for soda - not cola drink or pops - and... did we already mentioned their great root beer?

…and food events

The Annual Cranberry Festival at Chastworth and the Annual Pumpkin Show at South jersey, or try the Annual Food and Wine Festival at Cape May, a whole week of events for food and wine lovers. There are plenty of New Jersey food festivals.

Recipes from New Jersey

Pasta with sausages and peppers - Best sloppy Joe recipes - Italian sub - Ragalach.

For interesting food, visit

Campbell Soup Company whose headquarters are in Camden, NJ, has a soup tureen museum.

Atlantic City with its boardwalk and casinos, and some great places for subs.

New Jersey

The Garden State

Capital: Trenton

State animal: Horse

State bird: Gold Finch

State insect: Honeybee

State tree: Red oak

State Flower: Purple violet

Hoboken claims the first brewery in the United States opened there, in 1642.

New Jersey is still considered a very active research center. Thomas Edison creative years were spent at Menlo Park, NJ.

New Jersey is another of the original thirteen colonies to rebel against the English. It is where George Washington crossed the Delaware river to fight the battle of Trenton.

New Jersey's first settlers were Dutch.


The beautiful New Jersey shore, and the beaches.

Seaside Heights and Ocean Grove town.

Climb the Barnegat Lighthouse, the view from the top is unforgetable.

Wildwood and Cape May. If you are a bird-watcher, visit the last one during the bird migration, in April.

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