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Information about food, meaning anything solid eaten for sustenance - solid to distinguish it from beverages.

Amazon rainforest food Charlotte
A long trek into the diet in the Peruvian Amazon, the Colombian jungle and Brazilian rainforest following the course of the river.


We all need food on a daily basis, so why not give a little variety with international recipes and cooking methods. Get different dishes to out of the same food.
Explore the vibrant flavors of East Africa food Skelwith
East African cuisine is diverse, with each country offering unique dishes influenced by local ethnic groups, history, geography, and culture.

A tour of traditional West African dish delights

Embark on a culinary journey through West Africa as we explore distinctive local dishes that are as diverse as the region’s cultures. Discover what makes a West African dish stand out, from the staple grains and legumes to the fresh coastal seafood, all infused with an abundance of spices. Learn about the foods that not only bring comfort and nourishment but also celebrate the rich heritage of West African nations.

Understanding food pantries

But what, you might wonder, sets a food pantry apart from its larger cousin, the food bank? It's simple: food pantries operate as the charming local boutiques of nourishment, directly serving the public where they live and breathe. Imagine walking into a space where shelves are lined with a colorful array of food—ranging from the crunchiest cereals to the most comforting soups. Here, the food pantry lovingly bridges the gap between surplus and need, offering those in the community a variety of food items at no cost.