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Food in the Mid-Atlantic States

The cuisine in the Mid-Atlantic states is very varied.

A trip through southern Maryland will make you feel as if you were crossing the Deep South, while up New York state, you may feel like a journey through Canada.

Mid-Atlantic foods

Delaware agriculture produces broiler chickens and eggs and its fishing industry is mostly centered on crabs, clams and oysters.

Seafood, poultry and eggs, dairy products, cattle, soybeans, corn, and processed foods are the most remarkable food products in Maryland.

The fruits and vegetables that grow in its rich soil New Jersey nickname, the Garden State but the truth is that food flavorings and other food processing products also a big industry there. Seafood and dairy products can also be numbered among New Jersey's food output.

New York food industry delivers dairy products, apples, cattle and other livestock.

Pennsylvania is big in food processing with factories churning ketchup, chocolate, ice cream and potato chips. However, you will also find dairy products, cattle, mushrooms, poultry, apples and sweet corn.

Scrapple is a popular food in the Mid-atlantic counties. Scraple is a mix of pork meat scraps and trimmings mixed with corn meal, flour and spices. It is made into a loaf. Slices ar cut and pan fried or grilled - in your choice fat for frying, dredging in flour before cooking is also optional.

…and food events

Enjoy the Pumpkin Cunkin, Sussex County, Delaware, celebrated the weekend after Halloween, and the Apple Scrapple festival, Bridgeville, Delaware, during the second week in October.

The Annual Cranberry Festival at Chastworth and the Annual Pumpkin Show at South jersey, or try the Annual Food and Wine Festival at Cape May, a whole week of events for food and wine lovers. There are plenty of New Jersey food festivals.

Oyster Festival, Oyster Bay, October

Bean Soup Festival, McClure, September - The Book and the Cook Festival Philadelphia, March

Recipes from Mid-Atlantic states

These are a few favorite recipes from the Mid-Atlantic states.

Baked crab cakes, MD - Best sloppy Joe recipes NJ - Chocolate espresso cheesecake NY - Crab & rice Maryland, MD - Creamy pumpkin spice cheesecake NY - Dutch babies PA - Italian sub NJ - Gingerbread squares - Peach pie DE - Philly cheese steak PA - Ragalach NJ - Soft pretzels from Philadelphia PA - Waldorf salad NY.

Visit Niagara Falls in New York. A helicopter ride will give you a wonderful view and a boat ride into the Falls will be an unforgettable experience.




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Visit the Mid-Atlantic states

Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania... and return to discover the most iconic food in every state or taste more food in U.S.A.

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When to go

Visit the New Jersey shore and Niagara Falls in the summer.

Take a history tour in Maryland and Pennsylvania during the spring.

Autumn has wonderful colors in Delaware and New York state.