Food in Maine

Farming and fishing are the main sources for Maine foods. Sea breezes shape Maine life and so influence Maine foods. Probably for transport reasons, it is easier to find farms closer to the coast.

The famous Maine lobsters were not always considered a delicacy and a luxury food. There were so many of them that, initially, were used not for food but as fertilizer. Clams and clam recipes are second to lobster; you can even find burgers made of chopped clams.

Though Native Americans used to chew the resin of trees -to stave off hunger, in Maine they used the resin from the black spruce tree- the first commercial chewing gum was produced in Bangor, Maine, around 1848.

Aroostock County, Maine, grows potatoes in a large scale, it is probably the county that grows more potatoes in the whole United States. Aroostock county is also a beautiful spot to get away of it all and close to lakes, rivers, pine forests and beautiful coastline. Visit Presque Isle and Aroostock State Park.

Go in the summer, to enjoy the coast, beaches and beautiful views; some whale-watching maybe. Don't forget to stop in a lobster shack to choose a live lobster -or clams- and wait while it is steamed sipping wine or cold beer.

Winters are beautiful too and freezing cold. Hardy Mainers can stand it, but not many other people would be able.

Maine foods

Lobsters, of course, and blueberries; Maine is the top producer of both in the whole United States, suplying 90% of the lobsters in the country and close to 99% of blueberries. Maine is fishing country and produces clams and other seafood.

Portland, Maine's largest city, counts with a variety of ethnic restaurants but outside there it is mainly simple American cuisine. Hot dogs and beans are the traditional dinner served on Saturdays, apart from Saturday-night church suppers -again, American fare- popular in many towns.

We were looking forward to try moxie, a brown soft drink not unlike root beer with a bitter taste, but we did not have the chance to try it. We did try whopee pie, cream sandwiched between chocolate chip cookies, and highly recommend it.

…and food events

Clam festival at Yarmouth in July.

Recipes from Maine

Blueberry cake - Blueberry cornbread - Maine lobster - Spaghetti lobster Alfredo.

The Pine Tree State

Capital: Augusta

State animal: Maine coon cat,: moose

State bird: Black capped chickadee

State insect: Honeybee

State tree: White pine

State Flower: White pinecone and tassel


Eastport, Maine, is the easternmost town in the USA and the first to greet the new day.


Maine has large forests of evergreen trees; that's the reason behind its nickname: the pine tree State.

Maine sites

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Ogunquit, it has a lovely beach with a small tidal stream. There, try your hand at harvesting crayfish. You will need only a bucket, a net and some bait. Which is the best bait? A frankfurter.

Take the Marginal Way from the village center to Perkins Cove.