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Food in Nevada

Unless you are in Las Vegas, where you can eat anything from anywhere in the world, Nevada serves typical American fare - bacon, eggs, steak, hamburgers - mostly. This is the kind of food you will find in small towns, those with only one diner in a hundred miles radius.

A curious note is the north region, where you can find Basque style food. Restaurants there will have large tables and everyone will seat side by side, like they would at a family meal. Expect chateaubriand, leg of lamb, chicken, pig’s feet and various types of seafood, all seasoned with plenty of garlic, and, of course, old Spanish familiars like paella and chorizo.

For another curious note, remember people in Nevada like to add lemon to their spaghetti sauce. Two typical desserts dating from pioneer times are potato-caramel cake and saffron cake.

Las Vegas used to be famous for its ‘ eat all you can ’ cheap buffets, but now it has many gourmet restaurants.

Nevada foods

Nevada is the driest of all the states, but with the help of irrigation, some crops are grown, including potatoes, onions, and wheat. Beef cattle and sheep are raised in the state.

…and food events

The Best in the West Nugget Rib Cook off, Sparks, September, and the Basque traditional festivals.

Recipes from Nevada

Onion rings

More about Nevada

It has been said that Las Vegas is a city of dreams. You could say it is most a sleepless city as it is open 24 hours a day. If you are planning to visit, you will be interested about food choice and dining in Las Vegas. The choice is difficult, as every hotel has a theme and a host of free entertainment in the premises - you could try any of them and always have a great time - and there are plenty of restaurants on the street.

Chateaubriand, prepared as in the north of Nevada, is one big slab of meat cooked between two thin ones. The outer pieces are discarded once done leaving a core cooked to rare perfection. That is the part to eat.

Nevada means "snow covered" in Spanish. It probably refers to the many peaks covered in snow all year round.

Nevada miners found one of the world's richest silver deposits in 1859. It was called it the Comstock Lode after the miner Henry Comstock.

Sagebrush is a shrub that grows in the Nevada desert. The desert covers about 20% of the state. Nevada is also known as the silver state.

The Sagebrush State

Capital: Carson City

State animal: Bighorn sheep

State bird: Mountain bluebird

State trees: Bristlecone Pine, Single-leaf Pinyon

State Flower: Sagebrush