Food in Georgia

The State of Georgia was named after the King George II who granted the charter to the colony in 1700s. Georgia is the first producer of peanuts and pecans in the United States, and it grows a fair number of peaches, as stated by its nickname "The Peach State." However, Georgia is also known as "The Cracker State" and "The Empire State of the South." Farmers in Georgia also grow grapes, apples, cabbage, and corn. The sweet Vidalia onions grow only in Vidalia and Glennville. Georgia is a leading producer of chickens and eggs. Cattle, hogs and dairy products are also major industries.

Coca-Cola was invented in May 1886 by Dr. John S. Pemberton in Atlanta, Georgia, and the first Coca-Cola was sold in a drugstore there at a soda fountain. Coca-Cola was first sold as a remedy for headaches, very much as Pepsi-Cola. Coca-Cola headquarters are still in Atlanta.

Georgia foods

It is southern cooking there. Apart from grits, Georgia is a place for barbecues and whole pigs are still cooked in restaurants. The meat then is pulled of the bones for sandwiches. The ribs become tender and juicy. Both meat and ribs are bathed in a delicious tangy sauce. A typical dish is Brunswick stew.

…and food events

Vidalia Onion Festival, Vidalia, May.

Watermelon Festival, Cordele, July, Cordele is known for good melons.

If you are into poultry production, the International Poultry Trade Show.

We know of events such as the "Annual Shoot the Bull Barbecue Championship" or "Slosheye Trail Big Pig Jig" that sound as great fun.

Recipes from Georgia

Brunswick stew - Pimento cheese - Vegetable succotash - Chicken barbecue - Peach cobbler - Roasted pecans - Pecan and banana muffins - Peanut, peanut butter and banana bread.

The Peach State
Capital: Atlanta
State bird: Brown trasher
State tree: Southern live oak
State Flower: Cherokee rose


When in Georgia visit

The World of Coca-Cola, the coca-cola museum in Atlanta. For dining, The Buckhead Diner, The Horseradish Grill, and The Varsity were good in 2002 and we are sure still are.

Georgia sites

Official Georgia state site - Georgia tourism