Food in Oklahoma

In a cattle region, meat is eaten with potatoes. That goes without saying.

Cattle and wheat are Oklahoma's most important products. The dairy industry is also notable. Chickens are raised, in addition to cattle, and peanuts and peaches are harvested, in addition to wheat. And green soybeans are grown to be made into bean sprouts, which are used in salads and many Asian dishes. Durum wheat is also grown in Oklahoma.

Food and drink in Oklahoma

Oklahomans are notorious for eating few fruits and vegetables. Residents love meat with potatoes. Roast pork is always well received, as are stews. Oklahoma chili, as hot as Mexican chili, has a very long history since street vendors used to sell it on the street. Restaurants and cafeterias where you can eat all you want are highly appreciated in the region.

There is an official state menu that includes fried okra, cornbread, barbecue pork, pumpkin, biscuits and sausage with gravy, corn porridge, corn, strawberries, breaded steak, pecan pie, and black jack beans.

Popular dishes

The breaded fillet (chicken fried steak) is a typical dish. The fillet is passed through flour, egg and breadcrumbs and fried with plenty of oil, as chicken is fried; hence its English name.


Peanut blondie bars


The Sooner State

Capital: Oklahoma City

State bird: Sicssor-tailed flycatcher

State tree: Red bud

State Flower: Mistletoe

Food festivals and places to visit

The largest pecan festival is held in Okmulgee. It prides itself on having produced the largest pecan pie, the largest pecan cookie, and the largest pecan brownie.

In Tulsa an Oktoberfest is celebrated that is considered one of the best in the world.

The Stilwell Strawberry Festival, held to promote the strawberries grown in the region, has become a tradition. The parade and rodeo are the main attractions, but there is always good food.

El Reno celebrates Onion Burger Day and prides himself on cooking the biggest onion burger. It has a good number of restaurants where you can order full-size onion burgers.