Food in North Dakota

Food in North Dakota is meat, potatoes and milk to drink.

The main indsutries in North Dakota are food related: Wheat, cattle, barley, sunflowers, milk, sugar beets and food procesing come first in the list.

It is not only sunflower seeds in North Dakota, the state also grows flax seed and canola. North Dakota grows several wheat varieties, and other grains find a stpot in fertile North Dakota lands together with wheat and barley, however, it is durum wheat the one to highlithg here as it is the variety of wheat used to make macaroni, spaghetti, and other types of pasta. Some farmers are also beekepers and honey is one of North Dakota's products.

The hot breakfast cereal Cream of Wheat, a kind of porridge, was developed in Grand Forks in 1893. It was made by a mill employee from the part of the wheat grain that wasn't used to make flour.

North Dakota foods

North Dakota is food is mostly meat and potatoes whith milk to drink. Milk is the official beverage in the state.

The town of Rutland holds a spot in the 1982 Guiness Book of Records for having cooked and eaten the wolrd's largest burger. Thousands of people showed up to have a bite of the 3,591 pounds burger.

…and food events

Potato Bowl, Grand Forks, September - the quaint Oktoberfest, Leipzig, North Dakota.

Recipes from North Dakota

Macaroni and cheese - Lefse.

North Dakota

The Flickertail State

Capital: Bismarck
State animal: Flickertail ground squirrel
State bird: Western Meadowlark
State tree: American elm
State Flower: Wild prairie rose