First Night

For family fun on New Year’s Eve it’s hard to pass up a First Night celebration.

This event is geared towards family and community on the last night of the year.

The idea of First Night began in Boston, Massachusetts. Boston has been at the center of many historic activities including the Boston tea party. While celebrating the bicentennial in 1976, the inaugural First Night was an extension of that celebration. Since, then it has caught on as a way for communities to reach a common ground and have fun at the same time.

There are many options that could be used as themes for a First Night, from a classic music concert with Champagne and chocolates to a rock festival with finger food.

First Night is celebrated in cities all across the United States and three other countries. If you are looking for a way to celebrate try First Night in Boston. Here, you will see a celebration of the arts.

From painters to dancers, artists to sculptors, the night is filled with fun for the entire family. And, it wouldn’t be a celebration if the night didn’t end with fireworks. There are two fireworks displays for those who knock off early - the smaller kids - and those who can see the night through.

If you live out west, think about First Night in Spokane, Washington. Here the artistry of the cultures in that area is celebrated. Depending on your tastes, get into the rhythm of gospel, rock, Salsa and others. View ice sculptures and other artistic displays.

If you live down south, think about taking in First Night in Austin Texas. Like the other locations, families can enjoy music, food and participate in various activities. Here, kids can join in the chalk drawing presentation. For the person who likes games, try your hand at chess or checkers.

Families who are not into chocolate can move over to the Penn State community for a First Night celebration. The streets are filled with ice that sculptors will turn into art as well as parades, music, interactive activities and food.

Down in the southeast, Florida offers a First Night celebration in St. Petersburg. Feel the beat with bluegrass music, drum presentations, Caribbean music and other tunes. Families can visit local museums and other attractions set up for the event.

Why not create your own First Night? There are plenty of things to do.

Go local and include th whole community. Talk it over with the local legislature and the artistic community. Bring a new unity at the end of the year and also a new tradition. Are you trying to decide what to do for New Year’s Eve? Support a community and have a good time at a First Night function.