Breakfast in U.S.A.

United States stop in the tour around the world of breakfast.

Everything is large size in USA and breakfast is not an exception, the perfect option for big appetites. Breakfast can consist of anything from coffee and cookies on the go to a full cooked breakfast, with a selection of sausages, bacon, ham, baked beans, fries, eggs –fried, sunny side up or over easy, scrambled, omelet, or soft boiled.

Cereals and milk are just part of the picture, not the whole breakfast experience.

Breakfast to go

With hectic work times, not everyone has breakfast at home. Common practices include buying breakfast from the drive-thru and have it in the car or take something to have it at work.

On the menu

A bagel with cream cheese and smoked salmon, New York city.

Coffee and doughnuts – large plastic containers, lid with two special openings, one on the side to sip your coffee and one in the middle if you prefer a straw; your choice of doughnuts in a paper bag.

Not the healthiest option, but popular if you have a meeting at breakfast time and you are the host, as it’s easy to buy ready made coffee in large containers and doughnuts in boxes.

Those mugs are really convenient. Not to drink while you drive - though in USA most cars are automatic and easier to drive - but to relax and have some hot tea or coffee while you wait in the car.

As most cars are automatic and driving not very demanding, it’s easy to see many drivers with a large Thermos mug by their side; able to hold 2 to 4 cups, with a side handle and little hole on the lid to allow comfortable sipping.

Bagel with cream cheese and lox – toast a bread roll or bagel in the toaster or oven. Spread 1-2 Tbs cream cheese and fill with a slice or two of smoked salmon.

Breakfast sandwich – a toasted muffin or roll with scrambled egg, omelet, or one egg, over easy, Canadian bacon or ham, and melted cheese. Sometimes it has a sausage patty instead of ham. Everything is perfectly round.

The beaten eggs can be cooked on the griddle with the help of a metal ring to give them the round shape, or in the microwave or worktop oven. The ham and cheese already come in perfect circles, ready to cook. Throw the ham in the griddle by the side of the eggs. Toast the muffin and when you turn it, set the cheese on top; it will melt. Assemble, season with salt, pepper, and a dash o ketchup. You are ready to go.

Eating in

There are regional variations, of course, as you could be breakfasting lobster eggs Benedict in New England or have breakfast burritos in the South West, waffles in other areas, and some are fond of toasted muffins, but pancakes, French toast or eggs, bacon and home fries are the most popular options across the country.

On the menu

I love pancakes and the first time I ordered them in a pancake house, I accepted the waitress suggestion and ordered three. I was presented with three lovely, thick and fluffy blueberry pancakes… each one the size of a dinner plate.

Pancakes - Thick and sweet pancakes are a popular option at breakfast. Pancakes can be plain or have fruit – fresh or dried - mixed into the batter. They are usually served with maple syrup. Bacon, ham or sausage patties may come on the side.

French toast – sliced bread dipped in beaten egg and then fried in butter. Served usually with maple syrup, instead of sprinkled with sugar and cinnamon the European way. Think nothing of serving ham, bacon or sausages on the same plate.

Cooked breakfast – the most traditional breakfast plate would have eggs, scrambled or over easy, home fries, bacon – streaky sweet-cured and fried very, very crisp - and toast, white or whole wheat. Season with salt and pepper, add ketchup to taste.

Wicked drinks

Coffee is the preferred beverage at breakfast time. Kids drink plain milk or chocolate milk – hot in the winter. You could find some surprising options in the beverage department.

Egg cream - A drink made with milk, chocolate syrup and carbonated soda water.

Milk mousse - Put a marshmallow or two at the bottom of a mug or tall glass. Pour very hot milk on top and stir until the marshmallow melts, sweetening the milk. Drink right away.

Breakfast in U.S.A. varies depending on the region but it is always abundant

Coffee refills are usually free and unlimited everywhere. It doesn’t matter if you have to get up and fill your cup yourself or the waiter fills it for you.

Breakfast at home is similar to breakfast out. You can find many of the favorites come ready and frozen, so it is a matter of freezer to microwave.


Bagel – Jewish bread roll in the shape of a doughnut.
Eggs “over easy” – lightly fried on both sides.
Eggs “sunny side up” – fried only one side.
Lox – smoked salmon.
Home fries – chunky diced potatoes, sautéed.