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Food places

Where do you eat? Cook? Keep your food supplies? Maybe you need to explain a little about the environment when talking, or writing, about food.

banquet room - an extra-large room to serve elaborate meals to a large number of people. Normally used for a especial celebration and more commonly found in a hotel or a restaurant than a private home.

bed & breakfast - a home converted to rooms for rent offering only beds to sleep and breakfast, guest often need to leave after breakfast.

cellar - name - a storage room beneath ground level; basement; cave. Usually cooler than the main floors and used for long term storage of wines and non-perishable food, or short term storage of food.

boarding house - place- a house where people can get room and board; a home converted to rooms for rent, with food often included for lodgers.; the building where staying students eat and sleep in a boarding school.

buttery - adjective - something that has the texture or taste of butter - name - a side room to the kitchen, used as pantry or to store liquors.

dining room - a room specifically for eating, usually located not far from the kitchen. When there is more than one eating zone, the name dining room is applied to a room used for formal eating, while the everyday eating area is usually known as breakfast zone and it is in the kitchen, or breakfast room and it has direct access to the kitchen.

hostel -name - a lodging house for students, travelers, or special groups; maybe hospice.

hotel - name - a building of many rooms licensed to provide lodging where travelers can obtain both, meals and rooms usually for a short stay.

hostelry - name - a very old inn, indeed, because the term is not used much currently.

inn - name - small lodgin house, unsually in the country; in England a public house which may, or may not, offer rooms besides meals.

kiosk - name - small building structure with one or more open sides, often serving food and drinks in open spaces such as a park or the beach.

kitchen - name, a room - the kitchen is the room in the house where food is prepared. Kitchens are equipped with oven, range, stove, larder, refrigerator and oher appliances, sink, and counters.

larder - name - a small room, closet size, for food storage. Alternatively, large cupboard for food storage.

pantry - name - small room for storage of non perishable food and other kitchen supplies - a serving room between kitchen and dining room, where china, glassware and cutlery are kept as well as food.

pension - name - name given to modest hotel or boarding house in many European countries, especially when offering room and board for the long term.

posada - name - Spanish term for country inn, or small boarding house, offering room and food for a short stay.

refectory - name - the large dining room of a monastery or college; a dining hall.

refectory table - a very long, narrow table with broad support at both ends joined by a bar, the kind of plain table monks use to eat.

restaurant - name - a place serving and selling meals with a dining room to eat in.

scullery - name – a room adjacent to the kitchen, used for cleaning and storage of cookware, or carrying out dirty cooking tasks and other menial kitchen work.

wine cellar - a cool subterranean room used to store wine; a large cabinet or small closet specially designed to store wine, often with temperature and humidity control.