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Ideas for snacks and snack time.

Overnight oats

Overnight oats are a no-cook, easy-to-make breakfast option that's both nutritious and versatile. By soaking oats in milk or a milk alternative overnight, you create a creamy, pudding-like porridge that's perfect for busy mornings. 

This basic recipe serves as a foundation, which you can customize with various toppings and flavors to suit your taste. The beauty of overnight oats lies in their versatility.


A chewy treat on a stick made with balls of glutinous rice flour dough, boiled first and then grilled on a skewer.

How to wrap onigiri

Ready to dive into the delicious world of onigiri, the versatile Japanese rice ball snack? Whether you’re a seasoned chef or just trying out Japanese cuisine, making onigiri is a fun and satisfying endeavor. This blog post will guide you through the steps of creating your very own onigiri, from choosing the right rice to learning how to wrap onigiri with crispy nori seaweed sheets. You’ll also discover the fascinating history and cultural significance of onigiri, as well as creative filling ideas and storage tips. Let’s get rolling!

Crunchy octopus bites (chicharrón de pulpo) Wanderer

The octopus is boiled first to tenderize the meat. Then it´s marinated in a mix of spices or lime juice. The marinated octopus is fried or grilled until it becomes crispy.

The result is a dish with a unique combination of flavors and textures: the interior remains tender and juicy, while the exterior becomes crispy and crunchy.

Speculaas Wanderer

Fragrant and light Dutch cookies, usually made during the cold season and particularly around Saint Nicolas day and Chirstmas.

Mexican fried pastry Food and Wine World

Sweet dough formed into round shapes and deep fried in oil until crisp. This type of  fried pastry is known as Mexican buñuelos and they are popular all over Mexico.