A variety of soup recipes and suggestions.

Sorrel soup

A simple soup particularly popular in Eastern European countries. It is normally made with sorrel, water and salt. Other ingredients, such as potatoes or beaten eggs,can be added. The soup is usally served with hard-boiled eggs or sour cream.

Green plantain soup

This type of soup is prepared in many Latin American countries and each one has its preferences in terms of seasonings. In Mexico, for example, it is often served with a spicy chipotle broth and topped with cilantro. In Argentina and Uruguay, hot sauce is added for extra zing. There are those who season the green plantain soup with adobo and make the sauce with tomato. In some coutries, cheese is added or the soup with is topped with grated cheese, in others is chopped cilantro or plantain chips.

Corn soup

This Cuban corn soup is a comforting, creamy delight that can be enjoyed all year round.  Serve it with your favorite garnishes for an extra burst of flavor you'll love.