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pasta & rice

Pasta or rice dishes.

How to wrap onigiri

Ready to dive into the delicious world of onigiri, the versatile Japanese rice ball snack? Whether you’re a seasoned chef or just trying out Japanese cuisine, making onigiri is a fun and satisfying endeavor. This blog post will guide you through the steps of creating your very own onigiri, from choosing the right rice to learning how to wrap onigiri with crispy nori seaweed sheets. You’ll also discover the fascinating history and cultural significance of onigiri, as well as creative filling ideas and storage tips. Let’s get rolling!


Congee is a type of rice porridge that has been a staple in Chinese cuisine for centuries. It is often served at breakfast or late-night meals, and is a common offering at temples. Moreover, congee is traditionally eaten when one is ill as it is easily digestible and nutritious.

Mango sticky rice

A classic dessert from Thailand, known for its heavenly combination of ripe, juicy mangoes and sticky, coconut-infused rice. This dish is simple yet delicious and can be enjoyed as a refreshing summer dessert or as a satisfying treat any time of the year.


Korean Bibimbap is a popular and delicious rice-based dish. It typically consists of steamed white rice, vegetables, beef, egg, and the chili pepper paste called gochujang. The ingredients are mixed at the table. Bibimbap is usually served with kimchi or pickles on the side.