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Recipes and ideas for summer cooking.

Double chocolate toffee ice cream Karen Fox

This is not your average ice cream recipe. This double chocolate toffee ice cream recipe is a true indulgence for even the most serious chocolate lovers. Picture a creamy, rich chocolate base with chunks of buttery toffee stirred in. The result? A decadent treat that will leave you swooning.

Danish dessert (rødgrød med fløde) Raphael

A delicious Danish dessert of stewed berries served with cream.

Watermelon and Mint Salad Raphael

A quick, refreshing and coloful summer salad to have as a snack or side.

Summer Greenerview
Summer warm days claim cooling dishes and with the bounty of summer vegetables, cold soups, salads and lightly grilled meat or fish take part in most summer menus.
Citrus summer decorations Karen Fox
Because citrus is so visually appealing, clean, refreshing, and fragrant, a hot summer day just naturally gets better when you introduce citrus as table decoration.
Cuban banana-pineapple milkshake Food and Wine World

Cuban milkshakes, batidos, are icy drinks that are very popular also in the United States, particularly in the areas where the most population are from Cuban origin. These fruity drinks are able to quench your thirst in any tropical climate.

Picnic pasta dishes Karen Fox
Here are a few ideas that will get you thinking of pasta dishes in a whole new light so you can pack that picnic basket full of surprises.
Grill baked potatoes Karen Fox

If you’re already barbecuing, why run in and out of the house tending to all the side dishes. You can bake your potatoes right on the grill.

Creative beginnings for gourmet garden salads, including Autumn salads Karen Fox
Growing a salad garden is all about looking forward to the harvest. In our imagination, all our hard work seems to come together in one big salad bowl.