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Citrus summer decorations

Because citrus is so visually appealing, clean, refreshing, and fragrant, a hot summer day just naturally gets better with it.

Citrus and summer go together in more ways than you might know. More than just eating chilled orange slices and drinking ice cold lemonade, citrus is perfect for summer in other ways, too. Because citrus is so visually appealing, clean, refreshing, and fragrant, a hot summer day just naturally gets better when you introduce citrus in your home décor.

Purely beautiful citrus is perfect for summer decorations

So very vibrant and colorful, it's a shame to not take advantage of the way citrus looks as well as tastes. Along with the look of citrus, consider the wonderful aroma. And if you're trying to decorate with more natural elements, well, you don't get much 'greener' than fruit! Let's take a look at some great ideas for decorating with citrus for summer.

Simple citrus surprise elements

Summer days just beg for simple elements in home décor, and flipping through any major magazine will second the motion. Getting complicated with summer decorating just doesn't make sense. It's a relaxed season, so your decorating elements should feel relaxed, too. How about this for a simple decorating touch? Simply stack citrus in clear glass containers to introduce another element of color and texture. This can be bright yellow lemons, intensely green limes, or even cute little kumquats.

You can also slice citrus to add to the vases with a floral arrangement. Yes, mix citrus with flowers. One of the most popular combinations is sliced limes in the water with giant bunches of lilac flowers. This is where decorating gets fun and creative without getting stressful. By mixing vibrant citrus and flowers to compliment each other in a big vase, you add a surprisingly fresh and fun arrangement that adds color popping all over your room, all with very little effort.

Citrus candle holders

If you've ever carved a jack-o-lantern out of a pumpkin, you've got the beginning of a new summertime project in mind already. Why not carve a grapefruit instead? Or, how about a little arrangement of carved oranges with tea lights inside for something fun and fresh? You can skip the carving and just use a nail to punch little holes all over the citrus, even spelling out words. If you want to go for something ultra chic, you can use smaller fruits like lemons or even key limes, and add small lights such as a string of Christmas lights inside to make a serious impact.

The next time you juice a pile of citrus, take a second look at what you've got in your hand – a votive candle holder! Arrange these citrus votives to create a zesty table-scape for a summer evening. And you have a bonus. Citrus gives off an amazing aroma while setting the mood with delicate lighting.

And believe it or not, some citrus, because of the composition of the oils, can actually act as a candle. You get the wonderfully refreshing scent that will engulf your porch, patio, or kitchen in just a few minutes. Set an orange with the top cut off on a glass or other fire-proof dish, then bore a hole in the center, but not out the bottom, and push a candle wick in. Let the wick absorb the citrus oils until the tip is damp. Cut the wick down to less than ¼ inch away from the top of the orange so it doesn't smoke too much. Depending on the amount of oils in the orange, you may have to experiment with this a bit, but it's a lot of fun to try.

Citrus wreath

Wreaths are not just for cold months. As a matter of fact, many people hang different wreaths year round because it is a great way to simply spruce up your entry door. Look for a metal, wooden, or styro-foam wreath form at your local craft shop. For a longer lasting wreath, you'll want to use dried citrus, either purchased or dried yourself. You can do a different wreath for each month, sticking with a theme of citrus. June could be lemon and lime month, while July could be orange month, and August could be pink grapefruit month. Or you can do one wreath and combine as many citrus elements you have available. Don't forget to stick in the bright green foliage, too, for a big splash of color.

You can also choose whole or halved citrus for your wreath. In the same way citrus looks great in a big bowl or vase, whole citrus is visually appealing when it is featured on a wreath. Because you'll be using fresh citrus, this décor has a limited lifespan. But, for the effort and expense, a fresh citrus wreath makes a powerful statement either on your front door, or over the fireplace, or in the kitchen, or on a garden gate. Try a small wreath first, using lemons and limes, and then see where it takes you. You may also wish to halve the citrus and juice it before you attach it to the wreath frame. That way, you have the look of fresh citrus without wasting the juice, in essence, having your wreath and eating it, too.

If you are still struggling for ideas on how you should decorate with citrus, do some searches online and you'll get all kinds of fun, and even wacky, ideas to start creating a crafty citrus project this summer. Now, when you stand in front of the fruit counter at the grocery store, imagine you're looking at paint samples... very delicious paint samples, that is!