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Scandinavian open sandwiches


Open sandwiches are very popular in Scandinavia. These sandwiches can be prepared with many different ingredients, but the procedure to make them is always the same. As for fillings and garnishes, these are only suggestions. There is no "right way" to combine fillings and garnishes.


20 sli bread (1/4 inch thick, white, whole meal, or rye bread)
  butter (room temperature)
1 hd lettuce (leaves washed and patted dry)
1 c shrimp (cooked small shrimp)
5 sli ham (roasted or boiled)
5 sli beef (roast beef, one slice per sandwich)
10 sli cheese (hard cheese, 2 slices per sandwich)
1 tomato (washed, cut into wedges)
1 lemon (washed, sliced thinly)
1 cucumber (washed, sliced thinly)
2 egg (hard boiled, shelled, sliced thinly)
1 bell pepper (green, washed, seeds removed, cut in narrow strips)


Butter a slice of bread, and place a leaf of lettuce on the buttered bread. Top first with a hearty filling, and then garnish.


2-3 mackerel fillets, 2 tablesppons cooked shrimp, 1 slice of ham, 1 slice of roas beef, 2 slices of cheese.


Top mackerel with 1-2 egg slices, sprinkled with a little paprika, 1-2 green pepper strips, and 1 slice of lemon, twisted.

Top shrimp with 1-2 tomato wedges, 1 cucumber slice, twisted, 1 lemon slice, twisted - Optional: a little dot of mayonnaise over the tomato.

Top ham with 1-2 egg slices, 1 tomato wedge, 1-2 cucumber slices, twisted.

Top roast beef with tomato wedges and radish slices - Optional: thinly sliced onion.

Top cheese with tomato wedges, green pepper strips - Optional: thinly sliced onion.

  • Danish open faced sandwiches.
Total time
30 minutes
Cooking time
Preparation time
10 servings


Making open sandwiches is a good way to use up leftovers. You may use cold ham or beef from the evening before.

Iif you arrange the sliced ham or roast beef in a way that there is a fold in the middle, they will hold any garnish in place.

Use a variety of cheeses for mor appetizing sandwiches.

Garnishes can be prepared in advance and stored until you are ready to assemble the sandwiches. Used them in any kind of combinations and, if you have leftovers, they can go into a salad the following day.


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Two slices of bread make a serving.

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Pickled herring, tinned sardines, canned tuna, smoked salmon or trout, liver pater, and any deli or roast meat, sliced, can be fillings for open face sandwiches. Why not fried meat or fish, still warm?

Cooked beetroot, sliced, or pickles can also be used as garnish, such as sweet dill pickled cucumbers, sliced across or lenght-wise. Why not fruit? Grapes and cheese go well together, and apple slices go with roast pork. And some sauces can make an open sandwich tastier, so you could use them, why not?

Experiment with different ingredients and arrangements. Open sandwiches also allow you to let your food creativity loose, as your sandwiches should not only taste good, they should look good, as well.

Danish - smørrebrød
Norwegian - smørbrød
Swedish - smörgås
Finish - voileipä

In all cases, the translation is "butter and bread."