Any question or suggestions about food.

Can you eat pink pork?

I know you can eat pink beef and pink lamb but not pink chicken. What about pork, can you eat it if it is pink?

Ideas for holiday food gift baskets

I want to prepare food gifts coming the holidays and I am looking for inspiration for food gift baskets. Any ideas are welcomed.


I have just tried a tasty spreadable sausage called nduja, but what is it made of?


Eating apples whole or peeled, raw or baked, what is best?

Moldy cheese

Is moldy cheese safe to eat?

Magnesium deficiency

Does the standard American diet provide enough magnesium? Which are the symptoms of magnesium deficiency? How do you prevent it?

Summertime food safety

Any particular food safety tips for the summer? We'll spend some days where it is very warm. From: Fiona, Scotland.