Ideas for holiday food gift baskets

I want to prepare food gifts coming the Holidays and I am looking for inspiration for food gift baskets. Any ideas are welcomed.

Submitted byGreenerviewon Sat, 09/02/2017 - 07:45

You can choose from pastas and sauces or sweets or even beer and wine. There are many options and you can mix and match items.

One theme could be favorite foods. Does your sister love everything Cajun? Line her basket in red-hot cellophane, and fill it with assorted hot sauces, Cajun seasonings and maybe some boxed jambalaya or “dirty rice” mixtures. You can attach recipes to the hot sauce bottles for blackened catfish or gumbo for an exemplary Christmas gift food basket.

If one of your hampers is going to go to your brother who used to tease you to no end when you were little, you could attach a card that says, “You drive me nuts.” Inside this Christmas food hamper will be a collection of his favorite nutty treats including chocolate covered macadamias and pistachios. You can even add some hazelnut liquor in the mix.

The world traveler on your list will be happy to receive a variety of exotic imported foods. Check out a cheese shop for unusual quality cheeses. Add some ethnic foods, such as German sausage, Italian pesto, French champagne and Indian condiments.

Herb seasonings and spice mixes are becoming very popular. You can buy glass jars to store them and make labels for each container, with a short description of compatible dishes. For example, “Excellent with potato salad, omelets or salad.”