Table talk

When people meet over food, they take advantage to communicate all sort of news. Find here topics  of conversation that are making the rounds on the tables of diners young and old alike.

Gift ideas

I would like some gift ideas for foodies.I have given many things over the years. Run out of new ideas.

Gluten free entertaining

What to serve when receiving a guest with celiac disease.

What is a healthy diet?

What is exactly a healthy diet is a question many asked through All Foods Natural contact form.

Cinco de Mayo

How do I decorate the table for a Cinco de Mayo party?

Food stains

How to remove a food stain from fabric? Prompt action can save the fabric from ruin.

Prevent calcium stones

What kind of calcium stones and where? Prevention is slightly different depending on the kind of calcium stones and where in the body they are located. Your doctor will give you clear guidelines. Assuming you are talking about calcium oxalate stones in the kidney, the most common kind, the suggestions are:

Safe lunch boxes

I prepare school lunches for my kids every day, but I am concerned about their lunchboxes. What kind of lunchbox is best?

From: Cindy, Ohio

Cold picnic food recipes

Can you give me come cold picnic recipes? We have a picnic planned for next weekend...

Slim down faster

Why is it that you don't lose more weight if you skip meals? Wouldn't this keep the calories down?

From: Christie, New Wales