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Food stains

How to remove a food stain from fabric?

Sometimes food will end where it should not, and stain the tablecloth, a napkin or the clothes of a guest. Prompt action can save the fabric from ruin. Find here some simple tips on how to treat some common food stains. We hope they will help to save your clothes.

Treatment of food stains

This is is a summary from the tips introduced to remove food stains from table linen.

Beer - Sponge with white vinegar and warm water, rinse then wash. Liquid detergent or biological powder is the best option when you wash the table cloth.

Beets - It may look bad, but it is only sugar. Soak the tablecloth in water with detergent. Then wash as normal but use the maximum temperature allowed for your tablecloth type of fabric.

Chocolate - Scrape off first what you can, then sponge with warm soapy water and rinse immediately with cold water. Wash with biological detergent.

Coffee or tea - Soak in detergent and wash as soon as possible. Use the highest temperature the tablecloth can stand.

Fruit stains - Rinse straight away in cold water. A solution of glycerin and warm water, equal parts, can loosen dried fruit stains.

Grease - Some heavy stains will need a pre-wash treatment with liquid detergent or a special grease solvent. If you don't have any at hand, soak in warm water with detergent and wash at the maximum temperature your tablecloth can stand. If you cannot soak the cloth straight away, try to sprinkle talcum powder. It will absorb part of the grease. Remove powder with a brush before soaking.

Milk or cream - Soaking in a strong borax solution followed by a wash will get rid of any milk or cream stain.

Preserves - Just sugars. Any fresh stain should wash with no problem. Soak old, dried up stains in a detergent solution and then wash as normal. A mild borax solution will work better than detergent.

Wine - Remove any excess and cover the stain with salt. Sponge with warm water and detergent, rinse with cold water and wash normally.

The tips for removing stains from table linen are also good for to save the cloths of a guest, or yours, if the unfortunate mishap happens on any other fabric than the tablecloth or a napkin.