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Culinary terms with T

tablecloth - noun, table linen - A large, decorative fabric used to cover the entire surface of a table, often enhancing its appearance and protecting it from spills and stains. It's a common accessory in dining settings, ranging from casual to formal.

tidbit - name - A small and particularly interesting item of gossip or information, or a small piece of tasty food.

tidy - noun, cooking accessory - In the context of kitchen accessories, a tidy refers to a porous plastic container designed to collect waste and debris in a sink, helping to keep the kitchen clean and organized.

toddy - name, drink - it usually means a spiced, alcoholic drink with a water base.

tortillas - Mexican round, flat breads made out of ground corn or wheat and cooked on a skillet.. Eat tortillas like bread, plain or in soups or rolled around meats, beans, cheeses, plain or with chili sauce. In Spain, Europe, tortilla is the word for omelet.

treat - name - A special or indulgent food item that is enjoyed for its unique or high-quality flavors, often consumed on special occasions or as a reward; food tha gives great pleasure, especially sweets.

trivet - noun, cooking accesory - A trivet is a stand or rack, usually made of metal, wood, or ceramic, used to hold hot serving dishes and protect table surfaces or countertops from heat damage.

tucker - name - In Australia and New Zealand, food in general.