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food writing

Reference or relevant information for food writers.

Words for "eat"

The English language is a vast and intricate tapestry, with each word holding its own unique place and significance. One such word that we use in our daily lives is "eat." But have you ever stopped to think about its synonyms, antonyms, and derivative words? Let's dive deep into the world of this simple yet profound word.

Eating words

Bolt: Swallow food or drink hurriedly; something like gobble, swallow, devour, gulp, guzzle.

Break bread: Eat, especially with another or others, share a meal.

Food in art

Food pictures are categorized as still life. There is a difference on how men and women paint food. Daily life was what female artists painted. Painting kitchens and things on a table was not par of a man's world. How could male artists paint still life without losing their virility?