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Culinary terms with P

pantry - noun - small room for storage of non perishable food  and  other kitchen supplies - a serving room between kitchen and dining room, where china, glassware and cutlery are kept as well as food.

paper towels - noun, kitchen accesory - Thin, absorbent sheets of paper, usually available on a roll, used for drying hands or cleaning surfaces in the kitchen. They are disposable and convenient for quick clean-ups.

parchment - noun - A type of thick, heat-resistant paper used in baking to line pans or wrap food items, preventing them from sticking and making cleanup easier. It is different from regular paper due to its non-stick and heat-resistant properties.

pasta - noun - A type of food made from dough of either flour or semolina, mixed with water or eggs, which is then shaped into various forms and often boiled before eating. This versatile dish, originating from Italy, comes in many shapes like spaghetti, penne, and ravioli, and is commonly served with sauces, meats, or vegetables.

pastry - noun - A type of food made from flour, fat, and water, mixed together and baked, often filled or topped with sweet ingredients like fruits, creams, or chocolate. Pastries are commonly enjoyed as desserts or snacks.

pâté - noun (French) - A smooth, spreadable paste made from ground or finely chopped meat, liver, or fish, often seasoned and cooked with various herbs and spices. Pâté is typically served on bread or crackers as an appetizer.

pension - name - name given to modest hotel or boarding house in many European countries, especially when offering room and board for the long term.

place mat - noun, table accessory - A decorative piece made of cloth, reed, or plastic, placed under a place setting on a table to protect the table's surface and add aesthetic appeal. Place mats are reusable and come in various designs and materials.

place setting - noun, table accessories - A set of cutlery, glassware, dishes, and a napkin, typically arranged on a place mat, used for an individual diner at a table. It includes all the items needed for one person to eat a meal.

plastic wrap - noun, kitchen accessory - A very thin, clear plastic sheet, usually found on a roll, used in kitchens to wrap food items, helping to keep them fresh by sealing in moisture and flavor.

poach - verb, cooking method - poaching is the method of cooking in a simmering liquid. It differs from stewing in that it produces a thin broth instead of a concentrated one.

posada - name - Spanish term for country inn, or small boarding house, offering room and food for a short stay.

potholder - noun, cooking accesory - A thick, insulated, often square piece of material used in cooking to safely handle very hot objects, like pots and pans, without burning hands.

poultry - noun - The term for domesticated birds raised for their meat or eggs, such as chickens, turkeys, ducks, and geese. Poultry is a popular source of protein in many diets around the world.

provisions - Supplies of food and drinks that are prepared and stored for future use. It's often used when referring to food supplies taken on a trip, especially long journeys or expeditions. The term can also be used more broadly to refer to all food and supplies in a household or establishment.

pulse - noun - The edible seeds of plants in the legume family, including beans, lentils, peas, and chickpeas. Pulses are nutritious, high in protein and fiber, and are often used in a variety of dishes worldwide.