Culinary terms with R

ras el hanout - a Middle Eastern spice mixture containing cinnamon, black pepper, cloves, cumin; paprika and coriander can also be added. Used for marinades and sauces such as charmoula.

rationing - The practice of controlling the amounts of food people can buy when supplies are low, such as it may happen during wars or long draught periods.

refectory - name - the large dining room of a monastery or college; a dining hall.

refectory table - a very long, narrow table with broad support at both ends joined by a bar, the kind of plain table monks use to eat.

restaurant - name - a place serving and selling meals with a dining room to eat in.

roast - verb, cooking method - roasting, like baking, uses dry heat. However, roasting includes the addition of fat or oil to aid in the cooking process.