Culinary terms with S

sauté - verb, cooking method - sautéing is cooking food in small amounts of fat or oil in a pan at a fairly high heat.

scullery - name - a room adjacent to the kitchen, used for cleaning and storage of cookware, or carrying out dirty cooking tasks and other menial kitchen work.

simmer - verb, cooking method - boil food gently, usually covered with a lid. Cook gently in boiling water, broth, or other liquid, over a low heat.

skewers - Thin sticks made of wood or metal to hold food in place while cooking, as in kebabs. Food is pierced.

spatula - Kitchen utensil with a broad, flat blade at one end. Used to remove food from bowls, pans and other containers.

steam - verb, cooking method - cook food over boiling water, without actually touching the liquid. Food can be placed on a covered pan on top of a steamer, a colander in a pan with simmering water half-way up, or in an adjustable steamer basket.

stew - verb, cooking method - stewing is a method of cooking food slowly in liquid; vegetables and meat are often stewed - name - a stew is food cooked slowly in liquid.