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Culinary terms with G

game - name, type of food - In a culinary context, game refers to the meat of wild birds or animals hunted for sport or food, known for its distinctive, often rich and robust, flavor. 

gastrique - name - a reduction of caramelized sugar and vinegar, caramelized sugar dissolved in vinegar, used to balance a savory sauce that included acid fruits such as oranges. It is also good with tomato based sauces. It is not difficult to prepare; caramelize 4 oz sugar until light golden brown, allow to cool slightly, add 6 tablespoons vinegar then simmer just until the caramel has dissolved. If partial to this technique, gastrique can be made in advance and stored until needed.

gobble - eating verb - eat in a hurry, fast, greedily and not too neatly, guzzle, wolf down.

goodies - informal - treats, foods that one particularly likes.

gorge - eating verb - eat in excess with greed and enjoyment, overeat, be a glutton, stuff oneself with food.

grain - name, type of food - Small, hard seeds of cereal grasses, such as wheat, corn, rice, or oats, which are a staple food in many cultures due to their versatility and high nutritional value.

graze - eating verb - refers to the way some people nibble small portions or just samples of food 

grazing continuously is non-stop snacking.

grub - Informal term for food. A grub is the thick, wormlike larva of certain insects. Grubs are eaten as food in some countries; Burmese bamboo grubs are an example, and even considered a delicacy.

gruel - A cereal cooked with water or milk, usually of a thin consistency unlike grits or porridge.

gulp - name - a mouthful, the amount of liquid swallowed in one go, big drink, opposite of a sip - verb - drink quickly, swallow in a hurry with greed and in large amounts; opposite to sip.

guzzle - verb - toss down, consume a liquid hurriedly and in large amounts, drink greedily and plenty of it; opposite to sip.