Culinary terms with F

fall to - eating verb - begin eating

feast - name - large meal, banquet, elaborate meal for a celebration - eating verb - eat rich food, eat an elaborate meal, gorge, gobble up  // feast on - eating verb - enjoy eating some specific food or, more common, eating lavish food..

feed - name - food for livestock - eating verb - provide food, give food to, eat out of hunger only.

finish off - eating verb - consume all food on your plate.

Florentine - adjective, cooking technique - Florentine means prepared with white sauce and spinach. The main ingredient is cooked then served on a bed of spinach and the sauce poured on top. The white sauce can be a béchamel, cheese sauce or Mornay, depending on what the main ingredient is: poached eggs, poached fish or cooked chicken. Try béchamel or cheese sauce for poached eggs Florentine, a Mornay will go well with poached smoked haddock.