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Culinary terms with E

eat - eating verb - place food in mouth, chew when necessary and swallow, get food for nourishment, have a meal 

eat out have meal in a restaurant. 

eat up gobble, consume all of the food on the plate 

eats - name, informal - food 

eating apple an apple good enough to eat raw, some varieties are only good for cooking.

edible - adjective - Food tha is safe and suitable to be eaten by humans.

edibles - In general, foods that can be eaten.

eggnog - name of a drink - blend of milk, cream, eggs, sugar, spices, and usually some liquor, such as rum, brandy and whiskey. There is also alcohol free eggnog.

engorge - eating verb - eat greedily; eat in excess, gorge.

entomophagist - Someone who eats insects.

espagnole sauce - name - One of the mother sauces, or leading sauces, commonly used as base for sauces that accompany red meats. At the most basic it will have sautéed onion and tomato, or tomato puree, brown roux and brown stock, reduced, and olive oil would be the fat of choice. As used in French cuisine, it will have a mirepoix, tomato or tomato paste, herbs, a butter-based brown roux and brown stock, reduced.