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Wine, spirits, and beer in cooking

Using wine or beer for cooking is a tradition in wine growing countries.

This practice is spreading along with the interest in wine developing in other countries.

Cooking with wines, spirits & beers

The use of wine or beer in cooking dates back to early times. Spirits and liqueurs were added later, only after the distillation process was invented. Nowadays, particularly in wine producing countries, alcohol is used in cooking almost on a daily basis.

The wine used in cooking should be suitable to drink, as well, even if it is not of the most exalted variety. Wine that has soured or it is corked will not add any flavor to a dish.

How to store alcoholic drinks

Wine does not keep once the bottle is opened unless it is airtight. Re-corking the bottle or using plastic film will help, but the advise is to use the wine for cooking as quickly as possible. Fortified wines, like sherry or port, will keep for about three months, while spirits and liqueurs keep indefinitely.

The proper place to store wine and alcoholic drinks is a wine cellar, however, wine for cooking can be stored at hand, in your pantry, as long as you use it within a few weeks.