food and wine

Everything related to mathcing food and wine or enjoying both together.

Treats for a wine tasting

If you are having a wine tasting party, or even just a sunny afternoon, relaxing with friends by the pool, appetizers served with a suitable wine can be a real hit. Choose your foods as carefully as you choose your wine and your guests will be raving, and coming back for more.

Wine and chocolate

Wine has long been paired with fruit, meat and other fine foods. But pairing with chocolate has a relatively recent, and controversial, history. There are those who insist that the twain should never meet. Nevertheless, there are wines and chocolates that make perfect partners.

Pairing wine and cheese

Do you wonder why serving cheese with wine is so popular? Cheese is salty and salt enhances the tasting experience for many wines. A medium wine served with cheese may look like a better one and a good wine may appear fabulous; but there is more to it.