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Winter recipe calendar

Festive food with a French influence. Find 21 great recipes to get you in the mood for celebration. Appetizers, main courses and desserts to mix and match. Easy to select and create a celebration menu for two, for your family or for a dinner with friends.

Chic and easy, festive but not expensive, flavorful and still light. find a selection of recipes with all the requisites to make your festive meetings something elegant, healthy and deliciously successful.

Week 1

Monday, 1 - Liver strips in salad (appetizer)

Tuesday, 2 - Salmon in mustard sauce (main course)

Wednesday, 3 - Tiramisu with blueberries (dessert)

Thursday, 4 - Salmon stack (appetizer)

Friday, 5 - Wild boar with mushrooms (main course)

Saturday, 6 - Marzipan filled pears (dessert)

Sunday, 7 - Pheasant with chicory and cranberries (main course)

Week 2

Monday, 8 - Red mullet tarragon (appetizer)

Tuesday, 9 - Squab and veal stacks (main course)

Wednesday, 10 - Prune compote with Port orange sauce (dessert)

Thursday, 11 - Duck pate with cranberries (appetizer)

Friday, 12 - Grilled lobster (main course)

Saturday, 13 - Crème brûlée (dessert)

Sunday, 14 - Loin of lamb in crust ( main course)

Week 3

Monday, 15 - Herb terrines (appetizer)

Tuesday, 16 - Chicken parcels (main course)

Wednesday, 17 - Apple pie with Grand Marnier (dessert)

Thursday, 18 - Sole with leeks (appetizer or main course)

Friday, 19 - Braised beef with whiskey (main course)

Saturday, 20 - Festive fruit soup (dessert)

Sunday, 21 - Roasted chicken with chestnut stuffing (main course)

As with any good Advent Calendar, All Foods Natural made live one recipe each day.