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Fruit punch

Looking for drinks for a family party? If you want something you can serve both young and grown up guests look no further than fruit punch, a very healthy option if you make your own. Find some refreshing fruit punch ideas for your party drink.

Fruit punch as a party drink

Parties are fun for everyone regardless of age. For a gathering that is going to host both kids and adults, finding suitable beverages can be a challenge. Soda has been overdone and you obviously can’t serve cocktails to the younger attendants. A fruit punch is really the best solution as it pleases the kids and with a splash of added alcohol, grown-ups love it too.

There are as many different ways to make this flavorful concoction as there are fruits to put in it. The basis for any fruit punch is fruit juice so it simply becomes a matter of what juices you most prefer. You can either buy a pre-packaged punch or you can make your own. The latter really is the better choice as you can control the sugar content.

The staples of any good punch usually are orange juice and ice. Many different types of fruit juice work well in a punch and instead of following a recipe it’s best to choose what you think your guests will like the most. Cranberry is a good addition if you are hosting a Thanksgiving get together. Pineapple juice works really well in a fruit punch in the summer. Adding some fresh lemon or lime juice also packs a punch. No pun intended.

If you want the punch to have a sparkle to it, even for the kids, try adding some ginger ale. It seems to up the flavor quotient a bit better than a lemon-lime soda does. You’ll want to reserve the ginger ale until right before it’s time to serve the fruit punch as you don’t want it to go flat. Throw in some ice to keep everything cold.

Garnishes look great on a big pitcher of this colorful liquid. You might want to give a hint of what’s inside the punch by placing some lemon or lime slices on top. You can also add frozen strawberries or raspberries to the punch to boost the deliciousness of it.

When it comes to enhancing the flavor for the adult guests either vodka or white rum works well with the flavors of the fruit. You are likely to have at least a couple of designated drivers at the party so it’s a nice idea to allow the guests to add the alcohol themselves. This way those who want to drink the spirits can while the others can still enjoy the refreshing punch.

Don’t just save this special drink for special occasions though. It makes a wonderful addition to any lunch or dinner meal and your kids will be thrilled with the idea of having fruit punch instead of milk for a beverage every now and again. With fresh fruit juice they’ll still be getting all their vitamins and it will feel like a treat to them.