Cheerios recipes

You can make some cool treats and recipes with Cheerios.

Do you remember your first finger food? I bet it had low fat or no artificial colors, only 1 gram of sugar, and had 20% of your daily needs. Not to mentioned it was in a bright yellow box.

From toddlers first to grandma's, well. . . snack. Cheerio's has been a mainstay in most American's diets, yes, for over 65 years. And even though this oat cereal is a plus in our diet, we love messing with it and creating the not so healthy joys. I asked my oldest if he thought there was a Cheerio soup. He looked at me and said, yeah, Cheerio's, milk and a cup of sugar. This had me giggling, but also thinking. We do tend to add a lot of sugar to this innocent little circle, and with 10 different types out there for our chewing pleasure, what else can we do with them.

Breakfast for dinner is always a fun place to start. You can crush up the cereal and replace any bread crumbs that is called for in your recipe with them, as in some Cheerios baked chicken. Breakfast is easy, especially if your are into the Cheerio soup, but Cheerio muffins are a great way to use up that cereal.

Snacks are the most common, you can find all kinds of recipes for cookies:

no bake Cheerio sugar cookies

Cheerio butterscotch cookies

Cheerio oatmeal cookies

Cheerio peanut butter cookies

Cheerio nuggets

There are Crunch's and snack mixes, fried O's, and marshmallow treats, or hot cinnamon, as well as candy.

Cheerio's is one of the few healthy breakfast cereals that you can turn into a decadent treat.

Cheerio's was the first mass produced breakfast cereal, coming about in the 1940's as Cherriats. The official name changed in 1945 to what we know it as today. General Mills knows what they are doing with this loving little o.

Some of these recipes also work with other breakfast cereals. Be bold and experiment.