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Bean cuisine

Dry beans can make delicious, dishes which are simple, natural and filling.

Nothing tastes more of the country and no recipe worms and satisfies like a bean dish. Cheap, healthy and comforting, beans are also incredible healthful and, if cooked properly, superb.

Although beans do not make much of an appearance in what is known as haute cuisine, some of the best known recipes in the world cont with beans as their main ingredient.

Find them stewed and perfumed with garlic and herbs in the Mediterranean, in the shape of a ball flavored with cumin and coriander in the Middle East, find them highly spiced as soups, dosas or vadas in India. Find tofu or sauces made of soy bean in China or Japan, and find beans in extremely filling soups, chili con carne or refried in South America or Mexico. And find all those and more in North America there is an American bean cuisine with more recipes than baked beans, it shows influences from all over the world.

American bean cuisine

American bean cuisine is varied. Find here some examples.

Bean & rice burgers

Barbecue soy burgers

Boston baked beans based in the traditional recipe colonists used.

Coconut rice with red beans, a flavorful recipe from Panama.

Feijoada is a traditional Brazilian bean feast.

Refried beans from Mexico and Tex-Mex cuisine.

Beans and pulses.

Other bean cuisine

Bisi bele baath is a dish made with rice and lentils from southern India.

Dosas are the Indian version of crepes.

Vada is an Indian dessert or snack made from urad dal bean dough.

Four bean salad with tuna

Lentil soup

Peasant bean soup

Three bean salad with rocket dressing

Widow beans