Swiss fondue

A fondue is a dish made with melted cheese with various seasonings, usually with the addition of dry white wine or kirsch. The fondue is served hot and eaten by dipping pieces of bread in the cheese sauce. Its origins date back to the 15th century. What probably was a way to use hardened cheese and stale bread in Swiss peasant homes in those times has become a special treat in ours.

How to eat fondue

Set the fondue pot in the middle of the table over a candle or a small alcohol burner. Place a plate, napkin, regular fork and a long fondue fork for each guest. Place the bread, cut into cubes, in a basket with a napkin and other ingredients suitable for dipping – cooked ham cut into cubes, for instance – on serving plates.

Each person should spear a bread cube – or other ingredient - with the long fondue fork and dip it into the melted cheese sauce, swirling around to coat it. The second step is to remove the bread from the pot, transfer a normal fork and eat it.

The word fondue comes from the French verb fondre which means to melt.

Fondue recipes

Try the traditional Swiss fondue recipe for adults and the Valais style fondue recipe when children will be invited to share.

The traditional Swiss fondue is made with white wine and kirsch, sometimes only with kirsch. The Valais style fondue does not have any alcohol.

Other types of cheese give this recipe a different flavor.

There is a sweet side to fondue. You can dip some sweet things, even some types of cheese in a Swiss chocolate fondue.

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