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Oriental cooking

All sort of Middle East and Asian dishes.

Peking duck

The key to good Peking duck is the elaborate preparation that takes place before cooking. The bird should be thoroughly plucked and cleaned. Then it must be wiped, preferably with a bit of gin and hung to dry. Let the air flow through the bird for several hours. Keep the mouth open, a small cardboard tube works well.

Japanese pantry

Japanese food and cooking evolved influenced mostly by the particular geography the country has. Meat does not make a large contribution to the culinary history; fish, seaweed, rice, and soy do.

The art of dining Chinese style

Chinese dining traditions go back thousands of years. The elaborate customs are an interesting mixture of practicality, superstition and social inertia. Westerners aren't expected to know the details but, as with learning a bit of the local language, it always helps. Following them will make for an enjoyable new experience and bring pleasure to a gracious host.

Dim sum

Many Westerners think of dim sum as a small dumpling with meat in sweet sauce inside. Indeed, that is one popular type. But dim sum is not a particular recipe, but a way of serving that entails dozens of choices.

Chinese cuisine

Chinese cuisine is as wide as the country. There are Imperial dishes and local cuisines, ethnic minority's dishes -such as Mongolian dishes, Tibetan dishes, Manchu dishes, or Zhan dishes- and vegetarian dishes, even dishes with strong religious flavor, such as those from an Islamic background.