juices & smoothies

Recipes and ideas to prepare great vegetable and fruit juices or smoothies.

Juicing fruit

It seems that Mother Nature has designed such an attractive array of colorful fruits as if to beckon us to try some of each. Enjoying a wide variety of natural fruit juices could provide you with natural protection from serious illness.

Healthy ideas for juices and smoothies

Juices and vegetable drinks are probably the fastest way to replenish your stamina. They are an ideal complement to any diet. When lunch time is short and energy low, a delicious smoothie will satisfy those hunger pangs, supercharge those energy levels, without risk of putting on weight. The vitamins and nutrients from natural juices get to their target much faster than those of an ordinary meal.

Everyone has a favorite fruit or vegetable drink; here there are some more ideas to add to your repertoire. Quantities estimated for four servings.