Food in South Africa

Whenever you hear a reference to the Rainbow Country, know they are talking about the Republic of South Africa. As it has numerous contrasting, vibrant cultures, languages, and religions, South Africa indeed resembles a rainbow. South African culinary art equally comprises a stimulating blend of North, South, East and West, mixing spices and flavors from Africa, Asia, and Europe to create a new savor that is very much unique to the land.

Perusing the South African sample recipes received, one can see how an Irish chick finds herself in a stew, or how to raise the steaks just by serving them on a bed of grilled chickpeas with a side of steamed asparagus and orange Hollandaise sauce. You would see you haven’t livered until you eat tandoori chicken livers with tzatziki… even the very Spanish Russian salad – a boiled potato salad dressed with mayonnaise and a very Spanish tapa item despite the Russian in the name – has a new South African take and the mayo is morphed into allioli.

South Africans make a conventional European recipe similar to chicken pot pie, but they bring into the dish components such as raisins, almonds, or apples, and still enliven it further with curry powder. Indian condiments such as blatjang, which is nothing else than chutney, and atjar, which are just pickles, are dished out with many a South African meal.

Because the a country has coasts to two oceans, fish and seafood are present in everyone's diet, and the benign climate makes tropical fruits and all sort of vegetables flourish in the fields.


South Africans love their farmer's sausages or boerewors and they make them with beef, pork, ostrich and other game.

To braai, the South African version of a barbecue, is to cook meat, fish, poultry and vegetables over coals outdoors and it is a favorite past time.

Recipes from South Africa

South African recipes are very flavorful.

Biltong - fish fingers - grilled steak with cumin chickpeas - Irish chicken stew - pumpkin fritters spud salad - tandoori chicken livers.