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Recipes or dishes with chicken, duck, goose and farm reared birds.


It is a traditional East African curry that is rich, flavorful, and deeply aromatic, known for its unique blend of spices that bring warmth and depth to the dish. 

Top wine pairings for chicken

What if I told you that the right wine pairing could elevate your chicken dinner to a whole new level of flavor? With the vast world of wine at your fingertips, matching the perfect bottle to your poultry dish can be a gratifying and even thrilling experience. You don’t have to be a sommelier to discover exceptional chicken and wine pairings - it takes a little knowledge, a willingness to experiment, and a desire to find the perfect combination.

Bang bang chicken

Traditional bang bang chicken is a dish of shredded chicken julienned cucumber and a spicy sauce. 

The poached chicken is often pounded with a stick (棒, bàng in chinese) which is where the name "bang bang" comes from.